Saturday, January 25, 2020

Turquoise and Red Canvas Work Pincushion

When working on a new pattern for my shop, Lynlubell on Etsy, it takes a few stitched samples to get to the final colours and the design of the pincushion that will be listed in the shop. This pincushion was designed by Beryl Saunders.

I had to embroider another one for photographing - the one lying flat on the table. I like to have a photograph of the stitched top included in the pattern and I had forgotten to take a photo before I attached the back.

Turquoise and Coral Triangles pincushion
Recently I came across the pincushion top while looking for something else and I thought to was time to make it up. It's not my favourite job. A pretty patchwork fabric toned in well with the colours of the embroidery and it motivated me to finish off the pincushion.

Beryl has an attractive basket in which she keeps her collection of pincushions. Mine are kept in a shoebox. We had to dispose of all our baskets when we moved to Australia so I used a glass bowl instead when I wanted to display them.  

Hahaha! Making the pincushions stay where you want them in a slippery glass bowl is almost impossible. It requires a delicate balancing act. 

I did enjoy seeing all the pincushions again, and holding them in my hand as I tried to arrange them. Embroidery is so tactile. 

I think I'll keep a lookout for something more suitable for displaying the pincushions next time. For now, all my samples are packed back in their shoebox, and one more UFO has been finished.

Till next time, happy stitching!


*UFO - UnFinished Object


  1. They have photographed really well in the bowl - but I can imagine they took a bit of manipulating. Plenty of chance for handling, though, which, as you say, is pleasurable. They look lovely.

    1. Thanks, Gillian! My grandson was intrigued by the pincushions too. He enjoyed sorting through them in their shoebox.