Thursday, May 12, 2016

Danielle Clough - embroidery, rackets and shoes

Some of you may remember those old wooden tennis rackets. The Cape Town textile artist and photographer Danielle Clough has put them to another use. She embroiders on rackets...

Aloe on a racket by Danielle Clough

Face on a racket by Danielle Clough

and shoes.

Rat on pair of shoes by Danielle Clough
The embroidery is all done with a variety of wool and thread. If, like me, you are interested in what the back of the work looks like, take a peek at the back of the Rat on a racket, by clicking here.

Rat on racket by Danielle Clough
Danielle learned to embroider only three years ago and has embroidered a large number of pieces in that short time. You can see more of her work on both her website and on Instagram
Humming bird by Danielle Clough
'Till next time, happy stitching!