Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Giraffe and Elephant

My grandson Liam (6) has an artistic eye. Read proud granny there! When I mentioned that I wanted to photograph the little giraffe I had knitted as a Christmas present, he was quick to make suggestions. He decided the grass would make a good background and then took some pics for me.

Giraffe in the sun - Liam Dobrowski (6)
 I love the giraffe spots, the little horns and the swishy tail.

Giraffe in the shade - Liam Dobrowski (6)
When Aidan (3) opened his present on Christmas morning, he had to twist his tongue around that difficult word, but he knew instantly that it was a 'girrwaffe'.

I knitted an elephant as well. I thought the little knitted toys would be good stocking fillers. The boys were also about to go game viewing and see the real animals at home wandering in the African bush.

Well, the giraffe and the elephant took a safari to the Pilanesberg National Park before I had taken photos. It seems the elephant decided he felt more at home there and he stayed behind.

The only photos I have of the elephant were taken with Aidan on my knee and Liam sitting next to me stitching the ears onto the head while I held them in place. It was a 'bad hair day' for all of us having just been for a swim and those photos, although precious to me, are not going to make it onto the internet.

The patterns are from previous issues of Stitches magazine and were designed by Dana Biddle. I have seen the patterns for sale somewhere on the internet but can't recall where.  You can probably track them down via Dana's Pinterest pages.