Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Dresden Lace and Pulled Thread work.

Next week I'll be teaching a short workshop about the basics of embroidering Dresden Lace. The little sprig I embroidered has been sitting on my shelf as I considered the challenge of teaching a technique which depends on the use of a very fine fabric for one of its defining characteristics.

To be able to embroider on the fine muslin I have chosen, you need to be able to see extremely well. A bright light and a magnifier are essential unless you have outstanding eyesight. But, you won't know until you try working on such a fine fabric whether you can see well enough to do it or not.

Dresden Lace Sprig on muslin - 3cm x 4cm
So I've adjusted the small design and made it suitable for embroidering on a 28 count fabric. Now I know that if there is anyone who just can't see well enough to work on the fine muslin, they can spend the morning profitably working on another piece of fabric with a lower thread count per inch.
Pulled Thread Sprig on 28 count linen - 5cm x 6cm
The outside petals are optional and can be added afterwards and filled with a different pulled thread stitch to that in the centre. I have used diagonal drawn filling in the centre and single faggot stitch over just 2 threads for the petals. This gives a nice contrast between the two areas.
Now to finish the notes, prepare design cards in two sizes for either muslin or linen, cut fabric and threads, and prepare the kits.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Rag Doll

Looking through my photos I found the rag doll I made and couldn't show you until it had arrived safely in Brisbane.

Christmas was coming up and my one year old granddaughter needed a doll for her pram. I found this fabric some years ago and have been waiting for the chance to make it up. Its a VIP Cranston Print and beautifully done.

Everything was printed on the fabric including the instructions. I specially liked the pretty face of the doll.

I thought the navy was a little dark so added some lace to her clothes.

When Lila opened her present on Christmas morning, the first thing she picked up was not the doll, but the doll's little teddy. Aren't children funny?

If I could choose, I think I would have chosen either a brighter colour or a softer colour for the doll's clothes. I wonder if this pattern was made in any other colour ways?