Monday, January 13, 2014

Rag Doll

Looking through my photos I found the rag doll I made and couldn't show you until it had arrived safely in Brisbane.

Christmas was coming up and my one year old granddaughter needed a doll for her pram. I found this fabric some years ago and have been waiting for the chance to make it up. Its a VIP Cranston Print and beautifully done.

Everything was printed on the fabric including the instructions. I specially liked the pretty face of the doll.

I thought the navy was a little dark so added some lace to her clothes.

When Lila opened her present on Christmas morning, the first thing she picked up was not the doll, but the doll's little teddy. Aren't children funny?

If I could choose, I think I would have chosen either a brighter colour or a softer colour for the doll's clothes. I wonder if this pattern was made in any other colour ways?


  1. She DOES have a nice face, doesn't she? I quite like the dark colours, but agree the lace is a lift.

    1. Hi Jillian. Thanks for visiting! I like the navy with red flowers which is what first caught my eye, but I think children might choose brighter colours, don't you?

    2. My granddaughters would mostly choose pink, purple, green or gold, but one quite likes black and looks good in a black dress she chose, so I don't think it is entirely predictable.

    3. Yes I think children are quite unpredictable. They sure keep us guessing and make life very interesting.