Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Pouches for Rescued Animals

In response to the original request by the Animal Rescue Craft Guild (ARCG) for handmade items for animals recovering from the Bushfires, I started to make some Joey pouches. At the time of writing this, the response has been overwhelming and more items are not required. This may change at any time.

To keep in touch with any needs of the ARCG, check their Facebook page and look under the 'Announcements' tab. I have written more about this in my previous post here.

It took me quite a while to find the requirements, the patterns and the instructions. It's all on the Animal Rescue Craft Guild Facebook page, but you do have to look for it, and read through it carefully. Just where to look depends on whether you are using a PC, phone or iPad, so it may take a bit of searching to track it all down. On my PC, the tabs are down the left hand side of the Facebook page, while on my phone, they appear near the top, across the page.

If you are interested in the pouches, the Sewing Requirements are under the 'Files' tab. There you will also find PDF's of all the Patterns, and the Sewing Instructions.

The PDF patterns print out over a number of pages and must be taped together. I printed the first 7 (of 10) pages to see how it all worked and get an idea of the size of the fabric I'd need.

Pattern by Piccolo Studio
Each pouch requires 3 separate liners, a bit like removable nappy liners. The liners can be removed and changed by the volunteers to keep the animal clean and healthy. Then they are washed and dried ready for the next change. The outer pouch stays with the little animal. It provides some comfort with its own familiar smell on it while it is recovering.

I cut out the pattern pieces for XX Small, and X small sizes - outer pouches and linings.

It's a long time since I have done French seams, but the sewing instructions are good and I found it was quite straightforward to do. Two outer pouches done. Six linings to go.

French seams are preferable because small claws get hooked up in zig-zagged or overlocked edges. A lot of thought that has gone into the designing of these patterns.

That's one lining completed and slipped into the outer pouch with the cuff folded over. Now to turn the other 5 pouches for the second seam. Ten minutes of sewing here and there soon adds up.

My plan for now is to complete the two pouches and the six inner linings that I have started. Then I'll await further announcements from the ARCG group about if, when, and where to send them.

Till next time, happy stitching!

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