Monday, January 29, 2018

View from the window

The last of four quilts for my grandchildren is almost done. I want to finish it in time to give it to my granddaughter when we get to Brisbane in about a week's time.
Looking up from the sewing machine where I'm sitting,  I'm reminded that I am in lush tropical Bangkok. It's steamy and hot every day. When there is rain - heavy big raindrops that obscure the buildings across the narrow roadway - I think of dry parched Cape Town and the looming Day Zero, the day the city may run out of water. It's two months since we left and still Rod and I are super conscious of every drop of water we use. I do hope the rains arrive early for the Cape this year.


  1. Enjoy the greenery...lots more where you are headed!

  2. Weather these days seems to be so local and extreme. When it rains you get too much, when there is a draught it is just too dry.

  3. Sorry it's taken so long to reply but we are finally getting settled in our new home after almost 4 months of living out of suitcases.
    Brisbane is green, so green, and how the grass doth grow!
    Every time it rains we rush to the window or out onto the patio and watch it pouring down. Its been a good few years since Cape Town had good heavy rain and it's been a novelty to see it. I wish we could send some that way.