Wednesday, January 3, 2018

New Year in Winklespruit

New Year and we're on the move. Our house in Cape Town has been packed up and sold and our container is on its way to Australia. Mixed feelings? Oh yes!Dreadfully sad to leave - so sad neither Rod nor I talk about it much - but very excited about the future.
We are now on the Kwazulu Natal South Coast staying with family in their beautiful flat with a glorious view of the beach, the sea and the coastline for miles and miles in either direction. This is one of my favourite holiday places with many fond memories of childhood holidays. It's been an especially good way to start the New Year.
Next stop on our journey is Bangkok and a visit to my elder daughter and her family. We fly off via Dubai on Monday.
I trust that 2018 will be kind and productive year for all of us.
Happy stitching!


  1. It is hard to pull up one's roots, but you can blossom in new soil soon.

  2. We are putting down our new roots and enjoying the process enormously.
    I'm very happy to have my PC back too; finally working after 2 repairs and the internet line repaired and more predictable. Things are returning to normal.