Thursday, February 22, 2018

Wild turkeys

 Spot the wild turkeys at the edge of my daughter's garden? It's lovely to see them roaming around nearby. It seems they are protected and quite common around Brisbane.

We're making progress with our move - new bank accounts, medical cards, phone numbers (though mine doesn't seem to be working yet?), house insurance and the keys to our new home.

Our container has unfortunately been delayed and until we have that we can't move into our house. The ship arrived in Brisbane yesterday and the container has been unloaded. The last step is to go through customs and the quarantine inspection. That will be about another 10 days. It will be nice to have my sewing things again.


  1. It must be very frustrating, waiting for your container to clear. I don't doubt you have plenty to do but it will be terrific when you are able to unpack and settle. Welcome to Australia!

  2. Thanks Gillian. The container eventually arrived and the two men who moved us in were fantastic and made the day remarkably easy. There are still boxes to unpack, but no more cupboard space! That's a challenge still to be tackled.