Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Still here

The family have returned home safely to Bangkok after a lovely Christmas with us. To say the house seems quiet is an understatement after having two under-three's rushing around and keeping us delightedly busy.

We do however have some magical memories to cherish. As well as two rows of radishes to look after that Liam planted in the garden. Grandpa updated Liam on the progress of the radishes the other day with a little YouTube video. We won't say anything about the parsley that was accidentally called 'mint' in the video. No comment from Liam so far about that little oops.

After a year of delays for various minor medical and family reasons this has been my view for the past two weeks.

As well as this!

Another four weeks on crutches with foot up is on the cards. At least I can now get around - somewhat.  And I can sit without my foot being raised above my shoulder - very awkward for doing anything besides reading and just lying around. In future I shall be very careful about trying to 'jump' over a very small, shallow, muddy stream in the forest and so avoid breaking any further bones.

Plans for the next couple of weeks are to start going through my stash. It was was randomly 'stashed' in the cupboards to make space for our dear family. I need to find something to keep my fingers busy. Oh yes, and there's a foot to nurse and a prospect of physio to look forward to as well.

I did reopen my Etsy shop and am still looking into that...

In the meantime enjoy the summer if you are in Cape Town and happy stitching!


  1. Oh dear! That looks uncomfortable to say the least. At least you have a great view - and no doubt a few books, projects and plans. We are very fortunate to live in an age of such ready communication! Stay well.

    1. Thanks Jillian! Books and a borrowed iPad have been wonderful. Also some old Hello magazines dropped off by a friend. Just the right reading for a foggy head and those gorgeous fashion photos are enough to cheer anyone up.