Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Tokyo International Quilt Festival

If you want to see some extraordinary quilts shown at the most recent International Tokyo Quilt Festival take a look at Queenie's Needlework blog. There have been a number of posts over the last week or so of the quilts entered, as well as some bags and embroidery too. The links to all the posts are below. The close up photos really show the incredible subtlety and detail of the quilts. All photos shown here are by kind courtesy of Queenie.
  1. Partnership quilts
  2. Flowers
  3. Thread play
  4. Framed Quilts
  5. Building Quilt Scenes
  6. Bags
  7. More quilts and other things

Quilt by Yoko Sekita. (Photo courtesy of  Queenie's Needlework blog)
Some of those landmarks look kind of familiar, don't they?  

Detail of Yoko Sekita's quilt
And the action!

The Tokyo Station quilt was made in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the station and its an interesting record of some of the architectural features.

Tokyo Station Quilt by Chizuko Naito. (Photo courtesy of Queenie's Needlework blog)
The top of the quilt represents elements of the roof of the station. You can see a photo of the roof here. I do wonder if the centre of the quilt is based on a tiled floor or mosaic. Queenie has said she will look when she next goes through the station.
Detail of Tokyo station quilt by Chizuko Naito
The International Tokyo Quilt Festival is a juried show so only the best of the best are selected for exhibition. I would love to be able to see all those amazing quilts up close, but what a difficult job it must be for the 5 judges to make the final selection - and I'm very glad that I am not one of them.

Thank you Queenie for sharing your photos!


  1. You're welcome. It was nice to see them on YOUR blog!

  2. Great that you visited. And I'm glad you enjoyed the post.

  3. These are wonderful, Lyn - even to a non-quilter!. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Yes they are wonderful to look at and many of them I think of as almost more art than quilting. They show not only quilting skill but great vision too. So glad you enjoyed seeing them. Btw I loved the red bag made of little Suffolk puffs.

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