Monday, December 1, 2014

Barefoot Sandals

A group of us from the Cape Embroiderer's Guild got together to learn how to make barefoot sandals, something quite new to me. This was in preparation for a workshop at Oakhurst Primary School where the Guild teaches by invitation at the end of the school year. Two grannies of the school joined in too. The more helpers there are the more individual attention each girl will have at the workshop.

Toody Cassidy put together wonderful kits of ribbon, beads and felt and showed us how to embroider and make up the barefoot sandals. Each kit was different and we had a rainbow of exciting colours with which to work.

Jill was the first to complete her barefoot sandal.

Then Stella.

And here are our efforts by the end of the morning, not all completed, but we sure had fun. 

Jill managed to finish both sandals - and they have matching toenails! Very pretty. 

I'm sure the girls are going to love making them! They are super for prettying up bare feet and just in time for summer here in Cape Town.


  1. I think this is a terrific project - a lovely demonstration of generational skills exchange and shows the girl in us all. I might try to master this as my granddaughters would just love it this summer at the beach.

  2. It really was fun to do and very quick to stitch up. Your granddaughters will love them! Lucky girls!