Sunday, November 30, 2014


A nice warm, quiet afternoon of sewing didn't turn out quite as I expected. I turned away to my cutting table and suddenly it seemed that the neighbor had started up their weed-eater right outside my window. I closed the window but the startlingly loud noise continued right behind me.

I turned and for a second I couldn't take in what I was seeing. My over-locker was sewing at top speed all by itself! Look at that long curly thread it made when I was nowhere near it.

As I reached for the switch to turn it off I smelt a slight touch of burning. Then I remembered. The same thing had happened to me many years before. A small fault developed in the foot and the machine suddenly started sewing. Very eerie! 

No more sewing for a week or two while the foot is repaired and the over-locker is serviced. I find the over-locker gives such a good finish to seams that I don't like to do any sewing without it, even though my trusty Bernina sewing machine does have an over-locking function. It's not the same without the neat trim that the over-locker does as it finishes off the edges.

Has the same spooky thing ever happened to you? Do leave a comment and tell us about your experience. 

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  1. That is really scary. It must have felt as if your neighbour was manipulating your over-locker! I don't have an over-locker. I coveted one years ago when making most of my own clothes, but now that I have the space and the budget to have one I don't do enough machine sewing to justify buying one.

    1. All was dead quiet in the house when it started sewing madly. I never realised how loud it is! Then seeing it working all on it's own, I just could not believe my eyes. I really did get quite a fright. I've had the over-locker for years and years and it worked really hard when my daughters were small. I have often thought of upgrading but I don't sew all that much any more and it does all that I need. I could do without that independent streak though!