Friday, October 31, 2014

Home Again and Rhodes Stitch and Roses Pincushion Pattern

Four lovely weeks with family are over and there are lots of happy memories to treasure. Birthday parties; seeing my 3 year old grandson learning to swim before my eyes; building lots of Lego boats and towers; picnics in the park - even a picnic on a balcony; and family barbeques and braais - yes, they do have real boerewors in Brisbane if you know where to look.  

The jetlag is receding and I am getting busy tidying up the overgrown garden and catching up on my rather neglected stitching. There are several things on the go as you can see here on my sewing table.

This week I finished off the pincushion that Beryl and I had been working on just before I left. The Rhodes Stitch and Roses canvas work pincushion pattern is now available in my Etsy shop Lynlubell. You can see a glimpse of it on my sewing table.

After the lovely comments and feedback that customers have left previously in my Etsy shop, I spent quite some time this week completing the notes and trying to make sure they are detailed and clear to follow.  Some of those kind comments are:

"I bought several items from this seller and found them unique easy to follow patterns and as good as they look on screen." Marion Oates.

 "Lovely design with clear instructions." Marette Walker.

"Excellent pattern. Thanks for responding so quickly. Excellent instructions." Kathleen.

Sewing aside, the day is cooling down and it's time to pay the lawn some much needed attention. It's become rather patchy over the winter and the last few weeks while I was away have been rather dry. One of my favourite things is standing out in the garden as evening approaches and watering with the hosepipe.

Have a restful weekend!


  1. I'm reading your post in the Adelaide Central Market, thinking what an extraordinary work we live in and how lucky we are to live now. So pleased you are getting good feedback on your ETSY site. E

    1. Good to hear from you again Jillian. I have yet to join the world of mobile internet connectivity and be able to keep in touch from almost anywhere. It is amazing when you think of it. Hope you enjoyed your visit to the Market.

    2. I love being continuously connected - but, as evidenced by my comment above, a phone isn't the best medium for entering text! The Central Market is an Adelaide institution. I've gone weekly for over 30 years. I was on my own this week as my usual market companions are in Melbourne for the races - so had time to read and text while breakfasting!