Friday, July 18, 2014


Hedebo embroidery originated in Denmark. It is an openwork embroidery worked on white.

Hedebo embroidery - from Encyclopaedia of Needlework by T de Dillmont
There are various different styles of Hedebo from the geometric shown above to softer more natural shapes in the doily below. Many embroidery techniques are incorporated including drawn thread work, Reticella, cutwork and needlelace.

Hedebo - from Embroider Now by Hetsie van Wyk
There are a number of exquisite examples over on Needleprint like these.

They are from a Japanese book titled Danish Whitework Hedebo and you can see more photographs taken from the book here on the Needleprint blog.


  1. The Embroiderers' Guild of South Australia currently has a great exhibition of lace to coincide with a lace makers' convention. Unfortunately, no photography allowed.It has some good hedebo examples.

  2. Thanks for that, Jillian. Lovely that the Lace exhibition includes embroidered lace as well. I'd love to see it.