Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Free pattern - Sew a Girl's Bag

Sew up a little shoulder bag in an afternoon from scraps of cotton fabric from your stash. Its simple to make and just right for holding a little Easter surprise. The finished bag is approximately 14cm x 16cm.

20 cm bag fabric (115cm wide)
20 cm lining fabric
Batting or interlining 16cm x 36 cm
15cm Flower trim or lace.

1.Bag fabric:
Outer bag 16cm x 36cm
2 straps 5cm x 50cm
Pocket 10cm x 18cm

2. Lining:
Bag lining 16cm x 36cm
2 Straps 5cm x 50cm

3. Batting: 16cm x 36cm

To make up:
Seam allowances are 1cm.

1. Fold pocket piece in half and sew along two opposite sides. (Open side is on the left here.)

2. Turn through to the right side and press. Pin pocket to lining with the raw edge about 12cm from top of end of lining (shown on the left below). Stitch as pinned.

3. Flip the pocket over towards top of lining (left). Top of pocket is about 6cm from edge. Stitch 3 sides of pocket, keeping the top open.
4. Pin flower trim 6cm from top of bag fabric and stitch in place.
 Optional: To highlight the trim, lay the batting under the bag fabric and pin. Sew one line of stitching above the flower trim, and one line of stitching below, through the two layers.
5. Place the lining down with pocket underneath. Lay the batting on top. Finally lay the bag fabric on top with flower trim facing upwards. Pin the 3 layers carefully together.
6. Fold the bag in half with right sides facing. Pin. Stitch along the two sides. Neaten the edges.
7. Turn the bag to the right side. Neaten around the top open edge of the bag. Fold down 2cm and stitch in place.
8. Make the straps: (If you prefer narrower straps, trim 1cm off one long side of each strap and lining piece.) Place the lining on top of a bag strap. Sew down the long side, across the short side and up the other long side. Leave one short end open for turning. Turn through using a large blunt knitting needle (or dowel stick). Gently feed the closed end onto the needle first, turning the fabric in as you go.

Pull the fabric through to the right side. Press. Neaten off the open end of the straps.

9. Pin the straps to the bags, tucking in about 2cm. Adjust the strap length if necessary. Stitch in place.

Enjoy sewing up the bag from this free tutorial and have a Happy Easter!

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