Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Embroidered lettering & teddy bear remnants

Two pieces of teddy bear print fabric, but neither quite enough for a whole cushion cover and each too beautiful to cut up. What to do?

I chose two toning fabrics, but they looked rather plain and needed something more. Perhaps the name of each grandson on a cushion? But, what lettering to use? This is where computers are magic and I had several fonts to choose from. Something unexpected and a little fun? Yes!

 Transferring with a light box and a dressmaker's white pencil proved the best for the dark fabric.

 Then stem stitch for outlining the letters. But, they looked a little empty and plain.

Seeding, or little random straight stitches, gave the letters more substance and a spider web wheel to dot the 'i'.


 And another spider web wheel on the 'J' just for fun and because it looks like a happy little sun.

Then I turned the embroidered names into pockets which filled up the gap where the teddy bear fabric didn't quite cover the whole cushion.

By Christmas morning each little boy had two different coloured teddies in the pocket of his teddy bear cushion (Sorry I didn't get photos of that). How the two little two year olds enjoyed taking the teddies out and putting them back into their pockets! And they knew exactly which cushion was theirs.

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