Thursday, May 31, 2012

Canvas work pincushion

I haven't posted for a while but the family have now left us and are on their way to settle in Australia. How sad we were to see them go but wish them only happiness and success in their new life over there.

Back to stitching. I always like working on little projects and a while ago I began been trying out some new threads on two small canvas work pincushions. They joy of these small projects for me is that they are quick to do and give a lovely sense of accomplishment when they are so soon complete. 

I stitched the pincushions on a 14 count mono canvas. The thread is a 3-ply cotton from the Caron Watercolour Collection, a thread I haven't used before. The variegated colours are so tantalising to look at and I loved the way they blend as you go along. It really is a visual treat to work with such beautiful colours.

It is recommended by Caron that you split the three threads and use only two of the three strands for a 14 count canvas. As I stitched with the two strands I separated them with my needle and plunged my needle into the canvas between them as you can see in photo. This helped to keep the two strands looking neat and stop them from twisting.

I did however find that the two strands gave quite a bit of resistance when I pulled them through the canvas and I decided half way through the second pincushion to try using only 1 thread. It certainly was easier to work with and more gentle on the fingers. The canvas peeps through in places if you look hard but I think the coverage is adequate. If you look carefully you can see that the small pinkish cushion stitches and the outside round of satin stitch look thinner than the centre of the pincushion where I used two strands.

I have put the two pincushions together and will post photos in my next post. I am also charting the design and will include it as a free pattern for you to download. 'Till next time happy stitching.

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