Thursday, May 19, 2022

Binding Embroidery Frames

Over the years I've gathered a few small embroidery frames, either from the Embroidery Guild's second hand sales table, or they've been passed on to me by friends. They're useful for when I have a couple of small projects on the go at the same time, or for teaching.

Instead of using a conventional rectangular photo frame, I've also used some to frame small pieces of embroidery, like this little pulled thread sampler. (The pattern is available in my shop Lynlubell on Etsy.)

Crazy Patch Pulled Thread Samper 

And like the shadow work piece I stitched in a class with Tricia Elvin-Jensen.

Design by Tricia Elvin-Jensen

Before using an embroidery frame, I bind the inner hoop with cotton tape. The binding helps grip the fabric and keep it taut in the frame. With time however, the natural oils on the hands rub off onto the tape, and it needs to be replaced. In the exceptionally clammy weather we're having, the tape on some of my well used frames feels almost sticky. It's time for it to come off.

I haven't yet found a local source of good quality white cotton tape. So, I'm unwinding the tape on two frames. I'll take if off, wash it and reuse it if I can. 

I do have some loosely woven cotton tape that I could use but I prefer the smooth close weave of this old tape. For now I need just enough for binding a 6" frame. There should be ample for that.

'Till next time, happy stitching!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Rachel. The tape went into a laundry bag and through the washing machine with the usual wash. A quick run over with the iron and it looks almost new.

  2. I too have discovered hoops for display purposes. I've begun using them the other way round, with the display framed by the wider frame underneath but it does mean removing the binding to expose the frame. I love the fresh tautness of your framed embroideries.

    1. Interesting way you use your frames, Jillian. I lace the embroidery very tightly on the back of the round frames to smooth out wrinkles that I couldn't iron out.