Monday, July 5, 2021

Most Popular Patterns 2

In my post of 25 June, I showed you some of the most popular patterns in my shop Lynlubell on Etsy. Besides those three canvas work pincushion patterns, there are two more patterns that stand out above the rest. 

I was intrigued to find that one of them is this whitework pattern. It's a sampler of pulled thread stitches, simply framed in the embroidery hoop I used for stitching it. 

Embroidery of crazy patch pulled thread sampler
Crazy Patch Pulled Thread Sampler

I enjoy working on little samplers.  I think it's the variety of stitches on a small piece that I really like. It's fun stitching, and it's also something you can easily pick up and put down when you have a little bit of time without forgetting what you were doing and losing your place. 

Embroidery of pulled thread sampler in a crazy patch design

The last pattern I wanted to show you among the favourites in the shop is neither canvas work, nor pulled thread. It's the pattern for Australian Cross Stitch pincushions and it is by far the most popular.

Australian Cross Stitch Pincushions

The pincushions are pretty, simple and quick to stitch. And included with the pattern for these two pincushions is a free extra pincushion pattern. Visit the shop to see all my patterns by clicking here.

'Till next time take care, keep well and happy stitching!


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  1. That's a beautiful version of 'crazy quilting'. Your stitching is always so neat and crisp.
    I love Chicken Scratch and once made a big cushion. I have not heard the expression Australian Cross Stitch, though.

  2. Thank you for your lovely comments!
    Australian Cross Stitch uses slightly different stitches to Chicken Scratch. The origin of the name is a mystery. I learnt to do it in South Africa from someone who in turn was shown how to do it by an Australian.