Sunday, September 17, 2017

Spring Tea

The Cape Embroiderers' Guild Spring Tea was a great success.

The aim was to raise funds for the Ighali 2018 teaching convention in September next year. (Ighali means 'threads' in one of the local indigenous languages.) Bookings for the classes have yet to open, but if you are interested in the programme then do keep a watch on the CEG Facebook page here or the Embroidery Network SA website here.

The warm friendly welcome at the door, the elegantly decorated tables and the novelty of a silent auction all contributed to the happy chatter of the afternoon.

Then there was the attractive "tea party" display on the stage that set the scene and drew many admiring glances.

The Rainbow Leaf Hanging that members are stitching in techniques of their choice was also on display

as were a few very beautiful embroideries on show in the small exhibition corner.

Finally, what is a tea party without the cake? And of that there was plenty.

It was a splendid afternoon of catching up with old friends, meeting new ones and enjoying an excellent 'high tea'. Incidentally, I did overhear a few wishful comments about having another Spring Tea next spring... 

For more about the Spring Tea visit the CEG Facebook page and click through the photos.

Till next time, happy stitching!


  1. It was very pleasant to have tea with embroidery friends but not in the usual setting of an embroidery guild meeting. It was the same venue, with a very festive air.

  2. Sounds like a lot of fun, Lyn and a great idea. Sometimes a change of routine and step outside the norm is just what it takes to get new energy. Nevertheless, a lot of work obviously went into it - you don't mount something like that without huge effort from lots of people. Thanks for the inspiring photos.

  3. A special event does take a lot of work and extra effort but it does stimulate new ideas and enthusiasm. Hats off to everyone who helped make it happen!