Thursday, August 24, 2017


If you were wondering what happened to that UFO, the lavender bookmark, it's finished. I gave it to a friend who is an avid reader of books - the real paper kind of books, but it's ended up in her glass display cabinet, not in a book. It's nice to know it's appreciated, but I'd be just as happy if it found it's way between the covers of a good read.

You may recall from my blog post some weeks ago, that I left the darker straight stitches on the lavender to stitch right at the end. I would not have thought of adding them if it weren't for the pattern, but they do provide extra depth and interesting detail. You can see how flat the flower spikes looked before I added those stitches in my previous post here.

When I got to putting the ribbon on the back, I had a moment of disappointment thinking that the ribbon was way too narrow.

It did work in the end though. I folded in the two ends of the green fabric to make sure that the raw edges would be hidden when the ribbon was stitched into place.

And the ribbon was just wide enough to cover the back of the stitching - well almost anyway. There was a tiny bit of the white stitched frame showing down one side. I couldn't seem to hide it without puckering up the front. I put it all away for a few days  to think about and when I looked at it again, it seemed neat enough. 

Finally, the silky tassel that came in the kit finished off the bookmark with a bit of pizzazz.

Now I'm working on my granddaughter's quilt. It's long overdue.

Till next time, happy stitching!


  1. It is not surprising that a beautiful bookmark like that is on display rather than hiding inside a book!
    However, I love to leave bookmarks in books and when finding them, it's like meeting an old friend again!
    It's a beautiful finish. Well done, Lyn.

    1. Thanks! Finishing off is sometimes a challenge for me, but I was happy with this in the end.
      I too love the little surprise of finding a bookmark I left in a book.

  2. This is exquisite, Lyn. The colours and design are lovely and you have taken such care. I'm a use person, myself and would love to handle such a bookmark and see it marking my reading progress - but I can understand someone being in awe and displaying it.Well done.

  3. Thanks Jillian. The colours and design are all straight from the kit. I did like the contrasting ribbon for the back which made it feel soft and silky and nice to hold.