Thursday, December 1, 2016

Pattern covers

I've been working on covers for some of my embroidery patterns. These are the two most popular patterns so this seemed like a good place to start.

Chris Green designed the covers and he also designed the logo that you may already have seen in my Etsy shop Lynlubell.

The logo was inspired by the flower in the pulled thread pattern pictured below.

Full kit for Flower Sprig pulled thread pincushion
When it became difficult to find needlepoint canvas in our local embroidery shops after DMC in South Africa closed down,  Beryl Saunders and I made up partial kits for the more popular canvas work patterns. Beryl is the designer of a number of these much admired canvas work pincushion patterns. 

The partial canvas work kits include full instructions with clear stitch diagrams, a piece of canvas and a tapestry needle, but no threads. It is more cost effective for you to buy the recommended DMC stranded threads yourself and they are generally fairly easy to find.  I now have a small number of these kits available. 
Flower and Cushion Stitch pincushion

Leafy Green pincushion
Blue Eyelet pincushion
These two patterns are available as full kits: 

Flower Sprig pulled thread pincushion

Australian Cross Stitch Pincushions
I also have a limited number of Dresden Lily patterns available. Due to copyright restrictions once the small stock I prepared for teaching earlier in the year runs out, these will no longer be available. The design was adapted with permission of the copyright holder Heather Toomer. The stitches I chose for the lily include some unusual and rarely used Dresden Lace stitches.

Dresden Lily
All the patterns, except the Dresden Lily, are available as digital downloads in my Etsy shop Lynlubell. Please email me with any questions at lynette[dot]warner[at]gmail[dot]com. 

For any graphic design work you'd like done, contact Chris Green directly at while his new website is under construction.

Till next time, happy stitching!


  1. What beautiful pin cushions, and a great variety, too.

  2. A terrific idea and a neat design. They look so crisp and clean.

    1. Amazing that you used the words crisp and clean. It's just the look I wanted Chris to achieve when he designed the pattern covers for me. Thanks for the positive feedback!