Thursday, November 24, 2016

Still Waiting

The postman arrived a few weeks ago with my first quilt fabrics from overseas. The fabric came in an ordinary envelope, not parcel post, and it took 27 days from Bangkok to Cape Town! Letters usually arrive within 14 days so I wondered if it had had to go via customs, but there was no sign of that on the envelope.

I've cut out a fabric square for each quilt and they are pinned onto my board waiting for the other fabric to arrive from Brisbane. (You can see some of the original fabric squares in my previous post here.)

These are the five new fabrics. I just love the zebras - a South African da Gama print that was available a few years ago.

In this family, no quilt is complete without a cat, if not a real one, then a calico cat.

The cute little elephants on the navy and red fabrics are distinctly Thai. Thai elephants are rounder in shape than African elephants. They are smaller too.

And this is the Very Hungry Caterpillar fabric. It's a real favourite with my grandchildren who love the book of the same title. It's great fun for little fingers to poke through the many holes the caterpillars have chewed through the pages in the book.

I have to pack up my sewing room soon to make way for my two grandsons who will be spending Christmas with us. I hope the postman is going to hurry up or I won't be able to finish the quilts in time for the little one to take his quilt home with him to Thailand. When the second quilt is finished it will wing it's way to Brisbane to my granddaughter.


  1. Post deliveries can vary so much from country to country. Then you have the frequency of delivery and emptying of letter boxes. In Tokyo the postman comes at least once a day, often twice, but things sent from abroad might get stuck in Customs.

  2. It looks like the fabric I'm expecting from Australia may have been held up in customs. There's still no sign of it. The post box is empty again today. We generally have mail delivered daily. These days with email we have so little arriving by snail mail that the days when there is nothing in the postbox doesn't always mean the post hasn't been delivered.

  3. Fantastic fabric - the delay must be very frustrating. I think there has been an issue about a particular shipping line going into receivership that is impacting on deliveries. Hope yours arrives soon.

  4. Interesting to hear about shipping problems affecting postal deliveries! I hope my fabric is not caught up in that delay.