Thursday, December 5, 2013

Christmas presents

In my last post I said I'd been busy making pyjamas for my two grandsons. Here they are ready for wrapping and posting, together with a pair for a little cousin who is the same age.

Its a while since I have been able to buy pure cotton t-shirting to make my own t-shirts. These t-shirts are from a local chain store. I simply cut out cars from the pants fabric and appliqued them onto the t-shirts so that they 'match' the pants.
Usually I leave my Christmas shopping and present making to the last minute. In a way this year is different yet not too different. One pair of pyjamas has to reach Brisbane by Christmas Day. Tomorrow I'm off to the post office.


  1. Great pyjamas, Lyn.The appliqued cars will be a big hit.

  2. Thanks Jillian. The little cousin saw the fabric before I'd cut out the pyjamas and wanted to take it home with him! I hope he enjoys the pyjamas just as much.