Sunday, July 14, 2013

Nursery quilt

This is the post I wrote just before I went away - it even had the photos in place. I just didn't get around to giving it a final look and posting it!

Inspired by the wonderful nursery quilts made by Lorraine Bode, a Cape Town quilter and teacher, I collected nursery print fabrics to make my 2 year old grandsons each a quilt. Each boy has associations with South Africa, America and Australia. so in among the other blocks they will find elephants, giraffe, cowboys, kangaroos and koalas.

Once all the blocks were cut, it was time to audition the sashing fabric. The grey blue I wanted to use turned out to be a bit dull.  Instead I chose a navy because it made the colourful blocks pop out in contrast.

Chain piecing - fun and quick to do.

Getting there..

 And sometime later ... two quilt tops which I hope will give the boys hours of enjoyment.

The tops are now folded up and in the cupboard, waiting for their backing. I am also rethinking just how big to make them. My first idea was something small, but now I'm wondering if bed size is more useful...


  1. Great project, Lyn - so many varied and fabulous fabrics. It will provide so many conversations, stories and memories. I'd go for the bed size - but I always go for the stage ahead of the child, a hangover, I think, from a childhood of economy and dresses with growing room!

    1. Hi Jillian. Yes I am leaning towards the bed size because it will be much more useful. I still tend to make clothes on the big side too so that the children can grow into it. Thanks for your lovely comment.