Saturday, July 6, 2013

Goldwork and Bayeux Stitch at Embroidery Exhibition


As I mentioned in my last post, there is currently a wonderful embroidery exhibition on in Cape Town. Titled 'Threads of Gold', it showcases the work of Penny Cornell and it is showing at the Irma Stern Museum. The work encompasses a variety of embroidery techniques including goldwork, stumpwork, beading, canvaswork and freestyle embroidery and is both beautifully executed and displayed. Someone emailed me to say that I hadn't shown much detail of the embroideries. With Penny's permission here are a few photos of individual pieces that are on display.
Notice how the flower is bordered by canvaswork in this piece. Flower detail is below.

I kept finding myself looking at the goldwork flowers to make sure that they were actually stitched. And they are - mostly with row by tiny row of precisely couched gold thread. 

The background of this splendid one is couched too.

Also on display are: An eye-catching combination of canvaswork and patchwork:
 Textured freestyle hangings:

And this charming piece, embroidered with Bayeux stitch and gold thread:
It is one of a series of  Bayeux birds and I could really appreciate them after trying out Bayeux stitch myself. You can see my wobbly effort in this previous post
There is lots more beautiful embroidery to see at the exhibition and there are photos too in the Gallery on the website of Penny Cornell. You can also read more about Penny and the exhibition here.
Gentle caution: If you are visiting the exhibition and stairs pose a difficulty for you, do note that the exhibition is upstairs and there is no lift.

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