Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Resilience, embroidery and a walk on the beach

My dear husband has spent the last few years glued to his computer working on a book, or perhaps buried in his office like a determined mole is a better description. This left me with time to fill on my own and I have spent quite a bit of it working on my embroidery projects, learning to use a digital camera, which is an ongoing process, and setting up my blog.

Now the book is finished and we have left our chairs and done fun things like going for a walk on the beach at full moon with the Muizenberg Moonlight Meander guided walk group. The walks take place on the Saturday closest to full moon, weather permitting and are free.

View south towards Simon's Town
It's a lovely walk to do along the shores of False Bay with the Hottentots Holland mountains in the distance. Unfortunately the day I took my camera with me the clouds came over as we arrived at the beach and there was no moon rising over the mountains to see or to photograph. Perhaps next time...

Looking towards the east and the Hottentot's Holland Mountains
To get back to Rod's book, the title is The Building Resilience Handbook and its available online through Kalahari books. You can also log on to Rod's website Building Resilience for more information.

The book is a practical guide of how to beat stress and adversity by building your resilience. In the book you will learn practical tools and skills to bounce back from difficult organizational and life events such as significant change, setbacks and hardship. You will also learn how to cope with adversity and emerge stronger and more resourceful.

Sorry it took me so long to put up details about the book. I know quite a few of you were interested in it.

More about stitching next time, when I hope that the unusual snowy weather that has beset most of the country over the last couple of days has cleared up and the weather is getting a little warmer.

'Till then happy stitching!

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