Saturday, January 1, 2022

A Fresh Beginning

Happy New Year! May it be a good year and a better year for all of us than 2021.

New Year and it should be high summer here in Brisbane with long, hot steamy days. Instead the air has been fresh, cool and damp with a brisk breeze blowing in from the Pacific. Walking along the water's edge at Shorncliffe towards the yacht club there were few people around and just a couple of fisherman trying their luck while the tide was in. 

Turning into the wind and looking over towards Brisbane and the distant harbour the cranes quickly became obscured as the clouds rolled in.  And then rain came down and everyone scuttled off home.

With rain drumming on the roof it was perfect weather for stitching. But perhaps you too ushered the new year in by having a quiet day curled up reading instead? 

I wonder what 2022 holds in store for us.