Thursday, October 14, 2021

Backstitch Around Eyelets

I finished off the small canvas work piece I showed you in my last post here. Although it ended up as a pincushion, I could still attach a loop and hang it on the Christmas tree.

Thanks to the thoughtful suggestions from some of my blog readers, I backstitched around the eyelets to hide the white canvas that was showing through. You can see the difference if you compare the eyelets in the top row to those in the bottom row. After a few trials, the light green thread seemed the best option.

I thought I'd show you the back of the work for no other reason than it was lying upside down ready to stitch on the backing while I had the camera out.

The green quilting fabric was a good colour match and the stars were in keeping with the idea of eyelets representing stars.

Then came the stuffing.

And finally after years in the WIP box, it was done!

Although the colours in the photos look weird, the actual colours are rich and Christmassy.  

I've got another small piece in the WIP box that needs attention. It's pulled thread and I must decide what to do with it...

'Till next time, happy stitching!


  1. Gorgeous finish! It is so Christmas-y.

  2. That's turned out very well. And yes, back stitch is a very useful trick for tidying up canvaswork!

    1. It was tricky stitching the backstitch without pulling and upsetting the stitches on both sides that were stitched with 6 strands of thread. The photo of the back shows how dense the thread was and so it was almost impossible to avoid catching it.

  3. This is gorgeous. Very Christmasy.

  4. Thanks. The colours are much nicer in real life, a rich Christmas green and red.