Monday, August 2, 2021

Buttons and Hats, and a Trip Down Memory Lane

Kaffe Fassett's studio are having a sale of some of his original work. I've been a fan since first seeing the extraordinary way he used colour in his book Glorious Knitting. 

I was fortunate to hear him speak on a trip to the UK. This was before the days of being able to purchase tickets via the internet. My husband had phoned as soon as I heard about the lecture to book me a ticket. It was held at the beautiful Albert Hall in Nottingham. 

I collected the ticket from a local knitting shop when I arrived in Nottingham, assuring the staff that yes, it was was my husband who phoned about the ticket, and yes, it was me, and I had come all the way from Cape Town, South Africa. 

Having arrived early, I queued outside the hall for almost an hour in the chilly grey light as the afternoon faded. I managed to get a seat three rows from the front. You can just see my empty seat on the right.

The atmosphere in the hall was electric - full of anticipation, excitement and happy chatter. The moment Kaffe appeared on the left of the stage checking his watch, a hush fell and the classical guitarist wrapped up his charming performance. The first thing Kaffe did was welcome the audience. And the lady from Cape Town! 

The talk was inspirational. Afterwards I joined the long queue to have my book signed. My accent must have given me away because Kaffe stopped and looked up as he signed my book, had a few words and thanked me for coming. 

But, back to the sale at the Kaffe Fassett Studio. Here's the link. For something different, if you like buttons, make sure you scroll to the end to see the hats.

And finally, the Delta variant of Covid has emerged in Brisbane and unfortunately it has infected a number of school children. We are in lockdown to slow down the spread. Thinking about the lovely trip I had to Nottingham was rather a nice momentary escape.

'Till next time, take care. I hope all is well with you. 

Happy stitching! 


  1. What a wonderful tale! Stay safe..

    1. Thanks Rachel. I've just visited your lovely blog for the first time. I love your little vegetable garden.
      Stay safe.

  2. What a nice trip for you down 'Memory Lane'. Looking at the photographs, I am sure every moment of the event comes back to you.
    Did you buy anything in the recent sale?

    1. It was window shopping for me, and looking at the beautiful colours and designs.