Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Pulled Thread Pincushion

The small pulled thread sampler I wrote about here and here is finished. 

The sampler was something I stitched just for fun, choosing the stitches as I went along.  I rather like the freedom of choosing and stitching rows of different stitches across a surface. It's also a way to try out stitches or their variations and see how they look on fabric, rather than in a book. Cobbler filling (just above the eyelets) was new to me.

Although my embroidered pincushions have always been square, the idea of making oblong pincushions has been at the back of my mind for some time. It's been one of those things I planned to do 'one day'. I like to do something useful with my embroideries and this little mini sampler seemed well suited to become a rectangular shaped pincushion. 

I auditioned some patchwork fabrics for the back and even sewed the green fabric on the left in place and started filling the pincushion. 

I liked the colours, but no. The fabric just didn't suit the front. 

So, linen it was. But first came the unpicking. The seams had already been trimmed and the corners clipped. A few threads unraveled as I unpicked, but nothing too serious. Finally, a backstitch row around the top and a matching row on the backing made stitching it up easy, with the two sides joined together with a whipped stitch.

I like the neat edge that the backstitch and whipping makes. 

Perhaps I'll make another pincushion this shape too.

'Till next time, keep well and happy stitching!


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