Sunday, March 7, 2021

Phulkari flower embroidery

As has happened to many forms of embroidery, Phulkari embroidery handmade in the Punjab and the northern areas of India was slowly being replaced by machine-made embroidery. That was until a group of women got together to revive it. The group are now promoting it, supporting themselves and their families, and encouraging the younger generation to value it too.

Phulkari motifs. Photo courtesy: Strand of Silk

Phulkari embroidery. Photo courtesy: Wikipedia

There's a short BBC video about this extraordinarily labour intensive embroidery here. The video clearly shows the technique, and how it is stitched. 

It's interesting that shape of the 8-petalled lotus flower used in Phulkari appears in many other forms of embroidery, such as canvas work, pulled thread or Schwalm. It can be purely decorative or represent either a flower or an 8-pointed star. Here it is on my canvas work bookmark stitched with a one of Penny Cornell's variegated threads.

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