Sunday, October 22, 2017

Restringing my wire necklace

One of my favourite wire necklaces broke.  I started restringing it but the beads rolled around wildly - even on a nice, soft, non-roll bead mat. The round glass beads really had a mind of their own! No photo of that but I did take one of the bead mat afterwards. It works well for smaller, lighter beads.

As my husband would say, time for Plan B: I transferred the broken string to my bead design board that lives at the back of the cupboard. With the broken string of beads lying in one groove, I could control the beads and transfer them to the new wire. It was easy to keep the beads in the same sequence.

The light wasn't good when I took the any of the photos but this one gives you a better idea of the colour. I love the pretty greyish blue as well as the shape of the big beads.

It didn't take long to restring the necklace.  I also added a few spare beads I had to the ends to lengthen it. 

A special trip to the bead shop was necessary before I could go any further. I had run out of crimps for the ends! Luckily The Big Tree bead shop (also known as Big Tree Design and Big Tree Yarn) is fairly close by.

It's nice to know I can wear my necklace again.


  1. You make it look so simple! When I retired from paid work I had a pile of broken necklaces I intended to fix but discovered I was missing skills and tools. I had wire and various pliers but didn't know how to finish them off. I have had a number of them done by a local jeweller. The mat is great - one of those and some practice at crimping might see me in business! Well done!

    1. I used all 4 tools in the first photo and couldn't have done it without them. They were bought years ago from a Japanese teacher when I visited my daughter and we did a jewelry-making course together in Hawaii. It was fun to remember that when I repaired my necklace. Today excellent videos on techniques like crimping are available on the internet. I have to say it was very fiddly doing the crimping part and I wished for another set of fingers!

  2. With such a beautiful necklace it is no wonder you wanted to have it restrung. These days we can get good tools and parts to make the work a bit easier.
    I have two beading mats, one is similar to yours and the other has a sticky surface and NO bead whatever the size can roll off. It is 'tacky' to handle but does a great job of keeping the beads under control.

    1. Unfortunately my beading mat came to a very sticky end when I washed it today! The layers separated and it lost it's roll-resistant surface. I shall look out for one like yours.