Friday, June 24, 2016

Truro Cathedral Church Embroidery

There are two blogs posts on Hands Across the Sea Samplers that anyone interested in Church embroidery should not miss seeing. You will find the first one by clicking here and the second one here.

These are just a few of the wonderful images captured on a visit to Truro cathedral that appear on the Hands Across the Sea Samplers blog.

Truro Cathedral with altar cloth (Source Hands Across the Sea Samplers)

Burse (Source: Hands across the Sea Samplers)

Stole (Source: Hands Across the Sea Samplers)

Angel wing (Source: Hands Across the Sea Samplers)
There are a number of vestments decorated with silk embroidery and goldwork that were photographed and that are included on the blog.

I love the photo of the needleworkers of the Cathedral Sewing Guild that meet every week and stitch in the cathedral.


  1. Fantastic samples of church embroidery. Luckily they are used with care and treated as treasures so they will remain in good condition to be enjoyed by generations of church goers.

    1. I wonder how old they are. They all look in pristine condition.

  2. Thanks for sharing these, Lyn. They are really stunning. I love the solidity of much of the goldwork - especially the angel wings, but the intricacy of the Garden of Eden piece and the lovely lace are also fantastic. I think it would be rewarding to be part of a group that did this work together. It doesn't seem to me the kind of work it would be much fun - or very easy - to do on your own

  3. Some of the pieces must have taken many hours to embroider. What a privilege to be able to see them and work on them and do it in a group of other dedicated embroiderers.