Sunday, March 20, 2016

Space Embroidery

Do you remember the photographs the first astronauts took of earth from space? It was the rich blues of our planet that remain imprinted on my mind's eye.

Earth by Navid Baraty
If you would like to capture images of space with needle and thread you will find a small selection of cross stitch patterns by Navid Baraty in the Etsy shop SpaceNavid. I love how the colours pop out against the black background of space.

Mars by Navid Baraty
As a child I had visions of becoming an astronaut and travelling through space, all fueled by the space missions of the great space race between the USA and Russia. We can but dream.


  1. Such an interesting idea. I've never wanted to be an astronaut - but I think this is a great concept for stitching.. It would make a great exhibition theme!

    1. Ha ha! Don't worry, I don't know many who would like to be an astronaut, but how about Richard Branson's commercial space travel idea? I think I could be tempted. More seriously, I like the idea of space as a theme for an exhibition. It may have limited appeal though.