Friday, December 4, 2015

Canvas work pincushions

My friend Beryl Saunders has been making these canvas work pincushions for a couple of her customers. Beryl does the embroidery and I finish them off for her.

First step is to lightly steam press the embroidery, face down on a soft towel. Them trim them to size and cut out a backing fabric that Beryl has chosen for each one.

Here they are stitched up and ready to go off to the customers. When the ladies saw the finished pincushions there was some hard bargaining between them because in the end both wanted a blue pincushion and a pink one as well. The result? Beryl has another order. 

I do love that pink one too!


  1. They a e really beautiful. The pink and blue are so complementary, I can see you would want to have them together. Lovely work.

  2. Hi Jillian. Thanks for stopping by to visit and for leaving a kind comment.