Thursday, March 5, 2015

Australian Cross Stitch for Easter

An egg cozy may seem like an unusual thing to embroider but with Easter coming up that's what I have been working on - egg cozies and place mats embroidered with Australian Cross Stitch.

If you are not familiar with Australian Cross Stitch, it is a simple form of embroidery worked on gingham - like the typical design on the pincushion below.

Australian Cross Stitch

The concept of using the squares of the gingham as guides to lay out evenly spaced stitches is similar to the more well known Chicken Scratch, but the end result looks rather different. I have written about some of these differences in a previous post and you can read about them by clicking here.

Chicken Scratch pincushion with simple design
The egg cozies and place mats are done and I plan to put everything together into a pattern. Drawing up the pattern has taken much longer than I thought it would but I am almost there. I am aiming at instructions detailed enough to enable a total beginner to tackle the project with ease. The pattern will be making it's way into my Etsy shop in the next few days.

On a personal note, I have started doing the set exercises to get my foot back into working order. Its going to take a bit of time but it certainly is nice to be able to put weight on my foot and to get all the joints moving again. I have also been able to return to Shine, the literacy programme where I volunteer to teach reading. Its good to be out and about again.

Till next time, enjoy your stitching!


  1. I am familiar with knitted egg cosies but not fabric ones, so I look forward with curiosity to seeing your finished products!

    1. If you like small projects, the fabric egg cozies are fun and quick to make. The idea of making them came from a pair that we were given years ago as a wedding present. I hope to have photos to post soon so you can see what they look like.