Sunday, August 31, 2014

Am I the Only One? and a new Canvas Work Pincushion

I have become rather a fan of Pinterest. You can find almost anything there and quickly too. I read somewhere the other day that it almost rivals Google now as a search engine.  Search for canvas work or needlepoint and dozens of wonderful patterns or ideas instantly pop up before you and you are spoilt for choice, but I digress.

This month has flown by and not much stitching has happened. I had to move out of my sewing room temporarily so that the worn carpet could be replaced. It was an eye-opener.

I have far too much sewing 'stuff' and some of it has to go. I have stacks of old magazines that I rarely open.  It's far easier now to search on-line for patterns or ideas, so I am slowly going through them, keeping any gems, and passing them on. I also had a peek in some of the boxes of fabric stored in the cupboard. Thankfully that didn't all have to be moved out too for the carpets to go in. Some of the smaller fabric off-cuts have now gone and there is a stack of bigger bits of fabric standing around waiting for a decision and maybe a new home.

Then there are bags of stuffing, and batting that I do dip into and use, there is cardboard, odd beads, wool and the list goes on. Am I the only one who thinks all this kind of stuff could be useful one day? I wonder. Anyway, there is only so much I can reasonably keep 'just in case'. I repeatedly tell myself that I have to be more ruthless.

Despite the upheaval in my sewing room my friend Beryl and I have been working on a pattern for a new canvas work pincushion for the Etsy shop.

Beryl made a similar one some years ago and I have always admired the unusual centre and the pretty rosebuds on it. Beryl has finalised the design, most of the notes are done, I have graphed the pattern and some of the stitches and am embroidering the final version as a sample for photographing.  It will hopefully all be done in the next week or two.

The other stitching I did do was a smocked dress for a friend's 'new' granddaughter - a granddaughter who is almost 2! I'll put up a post about the little dress once the photos are sorted out.

'Till then 'Happy Stitching'.


  1. No, Lyn, you are not the only one. I have small pieces of fabric from clothes I made in the 70s! I used up quite a few of them on my hexagon quilt. I also, however, am more cautious about keeping things now. I have watched a few 'hoarders programs on TV and fear ending up drowning in stuff. I am trying to prioritise what I have a hope of finishing in my lifetime!

    The new design looks good.

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  3. Hi Jillian
    Wonderful term "drowning in stuff"! I'm beginning to feel like that now that I can barely fit anything more into my sewing cupboard. I just have to persuade myself to be more ruthless and ignore the little voice that tells me it may be useful one day.