Sunday, May 18, 2014

Drawn Thread Bag

This is the little drawn thread bag I was busy finishing off a few weeks ago and mentioned here. It was started in a class by Moyra McNeill.

Finding the matching thread to complete the woven bars at the top turned out to be quite straight forward and they stitched up really quickly. Next was trimming all those little satin ribbons down the front and gently melting the edges with a flame so they won't unravel over time.

The one job I did not want to tackle was trying get a lining to fit neatly inside the bag. A little careful measuring and stitching and that went ahead smoothly too. Why ever did I leave it aside for so long?

When Moyra gave us the kit with the hessian fabric and I went off to look for threads, ballet pink jumped out  at me. It seemed to soften the hessian and liven it up. Thinking of my daughters' ballet days I am always reminded of lots of pink satin ribbon and the long ribbons spilling off of ballet shoes. The ribbons may not be too practical here but they are nice to run your fingers up and down and to play with.
The threads used for the stitching are a soft hessian colour and the ribbons threaded through the holes at the top are both ballet pink and hessian brown. I rather liked the trailing threads at the bottom so trimmed them just enough to straighten them up, but not shorten them. I wonder if my granddaughter will ever do ballet?
Since my last post I have been working away on my book charting stitches. Its a slow process but oh so challenging and I am enjoying it immensely. I am trying to get all the stitches charted while they are still fresh in my mind. Later comes the stitching up of samples.


  1. The bag is lovely. You're right about the pink - a very subtle lift. Melting the ends of the ribbon is a great tip. I do diddly little turn-ups on ribbons on my many bags - should have thought of burning. I agree the dangly bits look good, and the lining as lovely. It is really beautiful.

    Glad you are having fun with the book.

  2. Hi Jillian. Thanks for your kind comments. When melting the ends of satin ribbon, slowly bring the match or candle closer until you can just see the end start to melt and take the flame away. Putting the end into the flame tends to give a scratchy hard edge that looks black and burnt, something I've done many times in my haste to get something finished.

  3. Thanks a lot for that, Lyn. I'll give it a go.