Monday, May 13, 2013

Embroidered Wedding Veil

Every so often I go through my cupboards to clear out things that are taking up more space than they are now worth. I don't usually get to throwing much out because somehow everything has some special meaning even though it may no longer be useful, but I do turn up treasures that I haven't seen for a while. One of these treasures is my daughter's wedding veil.

Cindy had decided to remodel and wear my 1970's wedding dress. It had a pretty train of a machine embroidered fabric.

If anyone knows the name of this transparent and crinkled fabric please let me know. With time this piece of information has vanished from my memory.

I had always wanted to embroider a veil. With lots of encouragement as well as valuable insights and tips from teacher and friend Tricia Elvin-Jensen I set off on the project. Using the embroidery on the train as a starting point, I drew a matching motif. The veil was to be circular and would have 16 of these motifs around the scalloped edge.

Luckily I still had a few flowers left over from the trimming on my original train. I unpicked the rather heavy looking double layered flower and used only a single layer of the flower to attach to the veil. This was the focal point of the embroidered motif.

To give the flower more depth I first embroidered it's outline on the net and then attached the motif. A few small beads from Montana where Cindy was staying trimmed the centre of each flower.

Then needle running and lots of eyelets...

This is the only photo we have of the back of the dress which shows the train and veil.

Such happy memories!

... and now both dress and veil are safely back in my cupboard.

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