Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Wild flowers

A visit to Darling last weekend and the wild flowers at the Tienie Versveld reserve. Such a variety of flowers...


Some of the jewels up close...

My favourite...
There was a long queue of cars to get into the Postberg reserve and the temperature was in the 30's by the time we got there, so we gave it a miss. Next year we'll be there early. We did enjoy the drive home though with carpets of daisies in the fields, swathes of white chinkerinchees right next to the roadway and white frothy ericas in full bloom too.



  1. Hello Lyn
    Followed the link to your blog from your visit. Was thrilled to see all the pictures of the fynbos, one of the things I so miss from the Cape and of course the mountains.

    1. Hi Wendy
      I'm so glad that you enjoyed the photos of the flowers. It seems such a miracle that they grow there untended year after year.